Our Mission


We are an affordable premium fashion brand offering the latest trending street style’s, with premium quality, and high street prices. Decided on the name ZIBÂ (Persian for beauty) because indeed every piece is beautiful and unique.  


We do more than just creating luxury apparel, our ethos is about empowering individuals. 

Our mission is to build a community that in effect, not only join us by buying into our products and style, but also into our culture of empowering others and being beautiful in whatever you do. 


We take inspiration from the world around us and today’s lifestyles and fashion trends to create collections that are unique and exclusive, throughout the UK and internationally.


Instead of outsourcing our production, all garments are hand sewn by skilled craftsmen within our atelier ensuring that we’re able to control every aspect of the production process. This way we’re able to set the quality standard and monitor it from start to finish from every piece of clothing we produce.


Once ready, orders made will be dispatched within 1-2 business days.

Delivery times do not include weekend or public holidays. Whilst we aim to ship orders as quick as possible there may be longer waiting times during busy periods.